I am single

Dear Judgmental Society,

I am single but I’m not alone.

I am only attached to the idea that one day somebody will be there to grow old with me. Someday someone will be brave enough to say that hey, I’m willing to stay but please never let go of me. And again, it is just an idea carved out of actuality but leaning towards reverie.

I have pushed as much people as I could out of my life. I have been very protective of my own principles. I have never searched for love. I have ignored a few who have shown interests. I am single cuz maybe I’m afraid of pain. When at times, I would rather think more than feel. I have unwillingly created a barrier between the reality and my dreams. That my ambition of ending up with someone must only stay in the world generated out of my creative ideologies.

I am single but I’m happy.

I have realized that happiness should never be dependent on anyone but yourself. That I opted to laugh on some cheesiest jokes than be blissful over romantic excitements.  Just be happy. Without explanation, I deserve it. There are thousands of reasons to smile, to cry or to be afraid. But out of these thousands of reasons stood an element that is free: the society calls it choice.

I am single because it’s my choice, and I will stand firm by it.